Developing Resources And Innovative Technologies To Improve The Lives Of Dogs, Parents, And The Professionals That Support Them.


The Partners Dogs Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of canines and their owners. We believe in access to innovative resources and continuing education for dogs, owners, and industry professionals. This is why we raise funds for rehabilitation grants, continuing education grants, and research into dog behavior and genetics. Our goal is to foster healthier relationships between people and their canine companions through greater understanding of their needs – both now, and in the future.


Save The Dog

Our mission is to curate educated, healthy, and delightful relationships between all dogs, parents, and professionals.


Objective: Genetic and Behavioral Research

Genetic and Behavioral Research

Predict the health and behavioral disposition of a dog to provide a personalized care plan needed for a successful life together.

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Investing in genetic and behavioral research for dogs is an essential part of helping them live the best life possible. By learning more about their genetics, behavior, and needs, we can create better products and services to improve their health, happiness, and overall wellbeing. With this knowledge, we can develop innovative solutions to help enhance the bond between humans and their canine companions. By investing in research, we can look to a brighter future where dogs are given the best possible care.
Objective: Training Scholarships


Award grants to aid dogs in need of professional training and rehabilitation.

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Providing grants for dogs in need of professional training and rehabilitation is an essential part of ensuring their long-term well-being. With the right kind of care, these animals can develop life-long skills that will equip them with the tools they need to overcome any obstacle. By investing in educational programs that teach dogs proper behavior and socialization, we can help them become better-adjusted and happier pets. These grants open up a world of opportunity and hope for these animals and their owners, improving the quality of life for both parties involved.

Objective: Professional Scholarships

Professional Grants

Award grants to provide pet professionals with an affordable, high-quality education in pet care, training, and business.

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Investing in grants for pet professionals is a vital part of cultivating a new generation of knowledgeable and experienced individuals who can help keep pets safe, healthy, and well-adjusted. With the right kind of resources, these pet professionals are able to pursue specialized training and education that will give them added skills in caring for animals’ physical and psychological needs. Providing grants for aspiring veterinary technicians, groomers, trainers, behaviorists, and other professionals is an investment in our companion animal’s future – one that pays off immensely for both pets and their owners.

Program: Dog Scholarships

Dog Grants

Each year, millions of dogs are euthanized due to behavioral issues. Many more are re-homed each year due to behavioral problems. Providing grants to dogs in need of training is an important way to reduce the large number of rehoming and abandonment cases each year. The right kind of training can equip a dog with numerous life-long skills that will enable it to better handle challenging situations, making them more likely to find success at home.

Professional Grants

There are less than 400,000 Pet Care Workers to support the 75+ million dogs and 50+ million cats in the country. This is a massive gap in the workforce that needs to be filled with educated, talented, and passionate individuals. By investing in the continued education of Pet Professionals, we can improve the care of man’s best friend while substantially reducing the stress of the Pet Care industry as a whole.

Program: Human Scholarships
Program: Genetic and Behavioral Research

Genetic and Behavioral Research

Investing into research of dog behavior and genetics is essential for providing personalized care plans for pet owners. Finding the link between the underlying genetics and the behavior of a dog, allows experienced trainers to develop specialized care plans tailored to the individual animals. These strategies help ensure that each pet receives the specific care they need, allowing them to thrive within their given environment. By investing in research of canine behavior and genetics, we can also gain valuable insights into potential illnesses and preventative measures that can improve the overall welfare of our beloved pets.


Event: Research Day

Research Day


Bring your dog for a free behavioral assessment and care plan.

Event: Community Outreach

Community Outreach


Join us as we visit a local rescue and serve the community.

Event: Fundraising

Fundraising Event


Join us for a day of learning, auctions, and fundraising for PDF.


Impact: Genetic Research Partnership

Genetic Research Partnership

Investing in research grants is another way dog foundations can have an impact on canine health. By providing funds for projects related to behavioral analysis and gene mapping, researchers can work towards developing more effective treatments for different illnesses as well as preventive measures which can improve the quality of life for our furry companions.

50 Grants By 2025

Through education and research grants, we can provide essential support to those aspiring to pursue a career in animal behavior and genetics. By helping students gain access to advanced resources, they are able to develop their knowledge in this field, resulting in a better understanding of canine behaviors and the development of more beneficial treatment methods.

Impact: 50 Scholarships By 2025
Impact: 100 Scholarships For Dogs By 2025

100 Grants For Dogs By 2025

With the help of these funds, pet owners can be sure that their beloved animal companions will receive top-notch care while they work towards honing their own expertise in working with animals. The programs available vary depending on the needs of the canine and its owner as well as the individual goals they set out to achieve. From basic training all the way up to advanced behavior modification techniques, each program is tailored specifically for those who wish to deepen their bond with their four-legged friend and ensure that it receives only the best care possible.


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